What is an EIN?

The Employer Identification Number (EIN) is basically the business world’s version of the Social Security Number (SSN) used by individuals. While your SSN is crucial for personal tax filings, the EIN plays a pivotal role in your business tax returns. Ensure your business has this essential identifier for smooth financial and tax operations.

Do I need an EIN for my Business?

If you have employees or anticipate hiring in the future, it’s essential to get an EIN. Moreover, businesses that aren’t sole proprietorships need an EIN.

Reasons to Obtain an EIN for Your Business
Most banks mandate an EIN when opening a business account, except for sole proprietors. While sole proprietorships without employees don’t necessarily need an EIN, many entrepreneurs still choose to have one.

Here’s why:

Unique Business Identifier: an EIN offers a distinct number that you can present to institutions like banks or suppliers, ensuring smoother business operations;

Tax Implications for Sole Proprietors: if you run a sole proprietorship without an EIN, your business earnings will be recorded on your personal tax form, associated with your Social Security Number. Having an EIN can simplify this process and add an extra layer of identity protection.

How long does it take to Obtain an EIN?

You can get an EIN the same day if the IRS can verify your Social Security Number. Otherwise, you will need to apply by mail and the IRS processing time is about four weeks.

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Can Bean Counter help me obtain an EIN?

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